What should you know to become a motorcycle importer?

What should you know to become a motorcycle importer

No matter what kind of motorcycle you want to import, if you know the rules of the game importing motorcycles could be a booming business. One of the first things you need to know to become a successful motorcycle importers is to know what motorcycles you are permitted to import and which ones you are not. One of the requirements that you have to usually meet is whether the motorcycle you want to import meets the environmental and transportation standards and regulations of your country. For example in the US you have to meet the regulations and standards of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and also the Department of Transportation (DOT) to be able to import a specific motorcycle. The environmental regulations usually involve regulations related to emissions and pollution and the transportation regulations usually have to do with the safety standards of the motorcycle.

Motorcycle importers have to do their research to avoid disappointment!

As we said you need to make sure that you are permitted to import your motorcycle before wasting your precious time, energy and money. For some motorcycles such as Harley Davidsons you usually need to make some significant modifications before you can successfully get customs clearance. I know some people who did not take these regulations very seriously. But be aware that if your motorcycle does not meet the requirements to get customs clearance, it can be sent back or even in some instances destroyed!  So following these requirements could ensure that your imported motorcycle does not get destroyed.

Motorcycle shipping

After you make sure that you are allowed to import your motorcycle and that it meets all the necessary requirements to be able to obtain customs clearance you have to think about how to get your motorcycle delivered. I would suggest that you find a well-known international motorcycle shipping company to help you with the transport of your vehicle. Your motorcycle can be shipped by land, air or sea. You have to see which option is the best for you. Motorcycle shipping by air is faster but more expensive. So if you are not in a rush the better option would be to ship your motorcycle by land or sea depending on your location. You also have to decide whether you want your motorcycle to be packed in crates and also what kind of protection it will have in its cargo container. You can also have your motorcycle secured to the floor with tie downs and skids. Finally when your motorcycle arrives and clears customs you can usually have it delivered directly to your address for an additional fee.